Have we come all this way for this?

At 5:15 AM, on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 I awoke to hear someone on the radio say President-Elect Trump. I had gone to bed early the previous evening secure in the belief that all would work out as I had expected.

The American people had spoken, yet how could this have happened? How, as fellow Americans, could we have become so out of step with one another? Have we not all witnessed the same triumphs and tragedies, the same slights and degradations and the same joys and sorrows along our common journey? What then, could lead us to reach such different expectations?

This President and those who would follow him, represent everything I fear for the progress and promise of the American Dream. This vow to "Make America Great Again" implies that at some previously unspecified point in time, our lives and our country were far better than they are now and therefore, any future hope of happiness lies not in looking forward but in looking back.

Into Each Life is my response to the election of 2016. Consisting of a series of episodes, each comprised of music, narration and contemporaneous audio, it is an attempt to find what, in my lifetime, would be worth reliving. 
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